Thursday, January 31, 2008

Almost February

It's almost February. The month of love. I need a change of weather and a change of blog and since I can't control the weather I went for the blog change. Do you have any plans for the one you love? If you do let me know because I need some ideas to show the one I love just how much I love him. Yes, it's Brandon.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What Would Wii Wear?

What is the proper Wii attire? At our house I discovered that pretty much anything goes. I walked out into the living room tonight and there was my husband in his snowman boxers and husker sweat shirt. He was too involved in the game to even fight me over taking the pictures. I hope that the curtains are closed.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Crazy Times In Steamboat

We took off on a weekend to Steamboat Springs. Emmaus hooked us up with a place to stay and food, a little angel hooked us up with gas money, and it was a recipe for a fun time. It was beautiful but it was snowy. I can't imagine living with that much snow all of the time. It was at least 4 feet deep, EVERYWHERE. It didn't stop us from blazing a sledding trail. The kids and the parents all had fun flying down the hill. Our only injuries were a bloody nose(Brandon), whip lash(Sidney), and sore muscles(all of us) from climbing up and down the hill.

The view from our sledding hill.

The sun didn't shine a whole lot while we were there but it didn't stop us.

The kids are ready for some fun.
These 2 were troopers.

Zach landed on his head and was still smiling.

What a rascal!

They are secretly arguing about who will be the first down the hill.

It's alot of work coming back up.
Fun Times Were Had By All Until...

The ride home. Bessy(the van who has seen better days) decided that the heater would only work on high so we were either freezing or roasting. We were mostly roasting because if we didn't keep it on the windows would fog over. After we got down the mountain Bessy decided that she wanted new rotors and our brakes started making this awful grinding noise. The Cheeks van(I don't know what it's name is) also decided that it didn't want to have power steering so there trip down the mountain was also quite the experience. I am glad that we are all home safe and sound.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year to everyone. We hope that this year finds you well. We all have big plans for the new year, mine start with getting the laundry done. WooHoo! Do you know how awesome it would be to start the new year off without a huge pile of laundry? Very awesome indeed! So get out there and start your new year adventure. I will be in the basement doing mine.