Saturday, May 31, 2008

Friends and Wedgies

I am so glad that I haven gotten to pick so many good friends. Thanks to all of you out there.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


You grew up in rural Nebraska if…

1. You know how to polka, but never tried it sober.
2. You know what knee-high by the Fourth of July means.
3. You know it is traditional for the bride and groom to go bar hopping between the reception and wedding dance.
4. You know the difference between 'Green' and 'Red' farm machinery, and would fight with your friends over which was better!
5. You buy Christmas presents at Tractor Supply.
6. You spent more on beer & liquor than you did on food at your wedding.
7. You or someone you know was a 'Dairy Princess' at the county fair.
8. You know that 'combine' is a noun.
9. You let your older siblings talk you into putting your tongue on a steelpost in the middle of winter.
10. You think Lutheran and Catholic are THE major religions.
11. You know that 'creek' rhymes with 'pick'.
12. A Friday night date is getting a six-pack and taking your girlfriend shiningfor deer.
13. There was at least one kid in your class who had to help milkcows in the morning... phew!
14. Every wedding dance you have ever been to has the hokey pokey and the chickendance.
15. Your definition of a small town is one that only has one bar.
16. The local gas station sells live bait.
17. At least twice a year some part of your home doubles as a meat processing plant.
18. You think that the start of deer season is a national holiday.
19. Pop is the only name for soda.
20. Football schedules, hunting season and harvest are all taken into consideration before wedding dates are set.

All of these are so true that I had to print it. It does make us sound like a bunch of hicks. I will always be a hick-at-heart.

Monday, May 19, 2008

I've Been Tagged

My friend, Natalie, tagged me and I guess that means that I have to answer some questions about my oh so exciting life in hopes that the people I tag will fill me in more on there exciting lives so that I can live vicariously through them. Anyways, here it goes....

What was I doing 10 years ago
I was trying to adjust to life with my first child.

Five things on my to do list today
1. Get motivated to go to the Body Pump class at the rec center
2. Laundry
3. Get started on going through boxes in the basement
4. Mow the lawn
5. Take a nap

Things that I would do if I were a Billionaire
Give, Give, Give, Give because I would still have enough left over to have a comfortable life and I can't even really wrap my mind around a billion dollars so I definitely don't need that much money.
Travel, travel, travel, because I have just gotten to enjoy the traveling life in the last couple of years and LOVE it.

Three bad habits
1. I'm a procrastinator
2. I belch like no woman you have ever heard before (but I don't know if that's a bad habit or a talent)
3. I pick at and bite my fingernails constantly

Five places that I have lived
1. Fort Hood, Texas (I was born there)
2. Germany
3. Indianola, NE
4. North Platte, NE
5. Lafayette, CO

Five jobs that I have had
1. I sold donuts at Sehnert's Dutch Oven Bakery
2. I was a grocery clerk at Blume's Supermarket
3. Paraprofessional at Madison Middle School
4. Evening manager at Sixth Street Food Stores
5. Dental Assistant

Five People that I want to know more about so I am tagging
1. Brandi Ginn
2. Robyn Huffman (this means you have to blog)
3. Jan Tighe
I can only think of three because alot of my friends have already been tagged or need to GET A BLOG. How sad is that.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Balloon Festival

Once again we had the chance to wake up extra early and enjoy the hot air balloon launch not far from our neighborhood. It was the most beautiful morning. I didn't even need my jacket. We were blessed with many friends to attend with us. We followed it up with a yummy breakfast at Gunther Toody's Diner. YUMMY!

This cowboy balloon was airbrushed on. It took them over 2000 hours to complete it.

Brooklyn, Kate, Parker, Allison, Sidney, Tara, Josiah, Christopher, and Logan all tried to squeeze on the little blanket.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Garden Planting Time

Brandon and the kids were busy Sunday planting the salsa garden. Brandon really missed not having a garden last year. He enjoys all of the aspects of gardening. I think that he gets it from his mom. The kids really wanted to help so Brandon, being the good dad he is, let them jump in and help. I just sat back and drank my coffee since it was mother's day and playing in the dirt really isn't my thing.

This is the bleeding heart plant that I have in my flower garden.
I just love the flowers.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our Honeymoon

We got back from Cozumel on Friday night. It was worth waiting 10 years for a honeymoon. We had the most wonderful time. The weather was beautiful, the water was warm, the people were friendly, the hotel was great. No complaints will come from me. We are already planning our next trip. It may take us a couple of years to save for but it will be worth it. We stayed at an all-inclusive resort called the Melia Cozumel. I would give it 2 thumbs up for sure. I even won a bottle of Tequila after one of the shows. WooHoo! Brandon also got groped by the Village People. Just ask him! I am sure that he will love to tell you all about it.
Our hotel was right on the beach. That's where we spent most of our time. It was the most soft, white, beautiful sand.

There were several iguanas wondering around the resort. They are kind of big and a little intimidating.
This is my favorite picture. It is the view coming out of the restaurants.
We went down town to do a little shopping and these guys were more than happy to pose for a picture.
This sunset was beautiful. I don't think that the picture does it much justice.
Brandon and I did one touristy thing we took a boat trip on the Fury. It took us to a couple of reefs and to a private beach for dinner and more beach fun.
Brandon discovered his new favorite hobby. He loved snorkeling. He was amazed that he could float. He has never been able to before. If he hadn't fried his back after his first time I am sure he would have snorkeled even more.
We discovered that the best snorkeling was at the resort next to ours. There were so many fish. People would feed them bread and they would come from all over. It was pretty amazing.

I will put a plug in for the resort. I would stay there again.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Just For Fun

Thought that I would give my blog a new do and a new name. We are a bunch of busy bees here at the Brinker house so I thought that it fit well. Brandon and I do get to relax this weekend as we head off to Mexico. I can't wait. I will be thinking about you when I am soaking up the sun on the beach.