Tuesday, December 20, 2011

One of Those Weeks

Oh my goodness, It has been one of those weeks....

1.  We get invited to a party that I was less than thrilled about going to because it was with a bunch of people that just seem to make me feel very inadequate. I know that it is my issue and that it has nothing to really do with them. They are nice people. Just a group that you feel always does things better than you. I get ready for the party and we venture off. I am breastfeeding and have never to that day leaked. Oh yes, it happened at the party. How many people noticed before I did? I was very embarrassed and wanted to crawl under a rock. Thankfully I was wearing a scarf so after stuffing a little toilet paper in my bra(it's all I could find) and rearranging my scarf I was back at the party. After getting back home I go to get ready for bed only to realize that I had my sweater on backwards the whole time. Of all days for that to happen. I must have looked like the biggest idiot.

2.  I volunteered to make almond bark pretzels for my Mother-In-Law to give away at a party here in town. I am tired of making pretzels because they are my go to party snack for Christmas time and have already made a ton of them. I was very tired the other night as I was preparing them and went to put them in the refrigerator to set up and dropped them all over the bottom of the refrigerator. As soon as the almond bark hits the shelf it sets up. I tried to clean it up as quickly as I could but it wasn't soon enough. I wanted to cry. I still have almond bark stuck to my crisping drawers. GRRR!

3.  I have my post-pardum check at the doctors office yesterday. My doctor is never quick getting into the room once you are taken back so I didn't figure I needed to hurry. They tell me to take my pants off and get on the table with the little paper cover they give you. I take my pants off and am removing my underwear when the doctor walks in. All I could do was yell "WOOOOH". He says "Oh I'm sorry" and walks back out. I shouldn't be embarrassed but it is something about the security of the little paper blanket makes you feel better. After getting a second to get ready he comes back again. I am red in the face and again looking for the rock to crawl under but he handled it real well. I know that it wasn't like he hadn't seen it all before after having delivered all of my babies but something about standing pantsless in front of another guy that is just a little awkward.

Hopefully all of my most embarrassing moments of the week can lighten up your holiday season.
Merry Christmas!!

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