Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy New Year

It's a new year!! WooHoo!! I always feel like it is your new chance for a do-over. You can start fresh with all of the adventures that you always plan to do. That could be spiritual, health, family, financial, etc. Today is the day that my holidays are officially over and the day to start my new year. We had an extended holiday so the 10th is our new year.
Today Brandon and I are going to the mall to get weighed in to start the Pound Plunge. I am hoping that having to weigh in each week will be the motivation that I need to keep up the healthy eating and exercising. Having had a baby 2 months ago is also a great motivation. I want to have my body back.

For added motivation I ordered a new pair of shoes. Athletic shoes of course. I am always excited to have new shoes to add a spring to my step.

Brandon and I also want to start a budget. We have been very frustrated with our spending habits for a long time. It is easy to talk about a financial change but it is a whole other thing to take action. Working together we hope to take a big chunk out of our debt this year. If we can do that when I'm not working imagine what we can do when I get a job again. EXCITING!!

I have also been looking for motivation to start reading again. I really do enjoy it when do it. I need some suggestions for books so if you have any leave me a message and let me know.

These are a few of my big projects for the new year. I am not going to beat myself up if I don't fulfill all of my goals but any bit of progress I will consider a success. They will hopefully be motivation to blog about as well.

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